“Wait, are you really going to leave all? Great Job, a successful television career?

for a more modest and perhaps more difficult life in Africa in Kenya? “


There comes a time in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others. When that happens, do it.

Listen to your instincts and ignore everything else.

Ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the complications, and just go for it.

Nothing bad can happen. Besides regret that you have not tried.

I’m Petka.

For years I’ve been listening to: “Start writing Petka. Your life is ….” My life is what? Every life is special. Worthy of writing and reading and admiration and respect. Most of all – worth living.

At the beginning we all got the same thing. Time. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

I’ve promised myself long time ago. I’ll try to live by when one day  those last five minutes come, to have my list of “I could have, but did not “ as short as possible.

And I do not regret being here today where I am. Everything has its reasons and time.

In 1997. begins the longest “relationship” of my life with the Croatian Radio Television – HRT. In front of and behind the camera, spot lights and the public. TV Host, presenter, script writer, music editor, author, editor. Music shows, Special show programs, music awards, charity & humanitarian projects.

But, great love, with time has become possessive, jealousy too heavy, the trust very pale…
Quietly and without panic, at my own request like a true loyal & faithful servant, without too much pomp and justification beautiful long time relationship  ended just right on time.

We worked a lot on the quality and success of our marriage. Actually  it was never just a job. For me it was much more; pure, unconditional  passion.

It was great while it lasted. From the start of my career I was different. I’ve always been me.

So I’m sorry my dear Croatian Television that our dreams were no longer the same. I left you in my own style, quiet with a clear conscience wishing you nothing else then all the best.

It was worth it.

For viewers and audiences

My choice was -freedom.

 ” There’s no business like show business “



After my first visit to Kenya in 2003. begins my love and passion for filming the beauty and diversity of Africa. I can proudly say as a journalist, reporter, producer and author of more than 35 reports and documentaries.  I experienced, I saw many faces of Africa. But again I saw very little.  Africa is magical. Award-winning series “African Diary by Petka ” and exclusive interview with the family of US President Barack Obama are still my favorite so far.

“Daddy, Daddy, look. There’s that lady who talks to crocodiles …” I will never forget little boy reaction when he met me on the streets of Zagreb after broadcasting the stories from Africa. Since then, Petka has become a synonym for Kenya and Africa.

So here I am. Based in Diani Beach the most beautiful beach in Africa. From here i travel around Kenya and East Africa doing what I like and what I’m doing best. Cooperation with international TV companies and crews. Creative as I am i have time for everything. Writing here, writing for others.

Even though it looks like a paradise, life in paradise is not always paradise. Sometimes it’s easier, sometimes it’s harder. But somehow more beautiful.

When you leave your comfort zone you discover that you can do more and know much more then you thought. New skills, new interests.  Photography, my passion and hobby has become my job. Social Media Marketing, i love it ! General Manager of International Production at Coner Power production Ltd, Media Consultant, Travel Advisor and and Travel planner for Africa. And I have time for everything. I adore my team, wonderful people, great team and I love it all! I love my freedom. Just being me. Wonderful vastness and beauty of Kenya and Africa inspire me each day. Especially by creating quality TV,video or photography content and stories.


My first love, piano once again found a place in my life. That’s the kind of love that never disappears. I use to practice 13-hour a day, numerous soloist concerts. It was a beautiful pianist and pedagogic career. I’m Graduate Master’s Piano professor and it’s wonderful to work with exceptionally talented young people, kids here in Kenya. Talent workshops, teaching piano, singing and working with choirs, for me, has always been and still is a special part of my life.



I was born in Croatia. I’m proud to be Croatian. Beautiful country.

I am currently living in Kenya. Magical Kenya.

Now I have two homes. I feel complete. I chose to be surrounded only by beautiful things in my life.

Come on, visit me ! Let me show you the real beauty of Africa.

What they say…

Lara Bučić, Commercial Manager / Hair Salon Lara, Opatija

Lara Bučić, Commercial Manager / Hair Salon Lara, Opatija

“As a child I went to music school Ino Mirkovic in Lovran. By then I had a few piano teachers and all were similar, almost identical. All except one. Professor Petka. I will never forget our first piano lesson. I walked into the room, and she was  finishing a bag of potato chips. Apologizing that she has been very hungry because she had not had a break. Dressed in dark clothing, black, long, flowing hair with a beautiful smile I thought to myself – this teacher is completely different from all the others professors. On my very first piano class I immediately loved her. I was delighted and fascinated with her spontaneity in such a serious profession. She approached the world of music in an interesting, fun and easy way. Even today I still have this love for piano, thanks to my professor Petka.




Martina Cukrov Jarrett , pianist

Martina Cukrov Jarrett , pianist

Petka Coner diggs deep into everything she does. Highly motivated, professional, at the same time approachable and flexible, as a piano teacher she is devoted and patient. As a performer she is extremely musical, expressive, vivid, communicative with the audience, at the same time serious, deeply involved in the musical material she is presenting. The range of sound, expressiveness, brilliant technique that she demonstrated in Liszt’s Valee d’Obermann has not been forgotten despite the years that have passed since.





Olja Dešić, producer

Olja Dešić, producer

With perfect pitch, an academic musician in the role of a Radio & TV hosts left very strong impression on me as a person who really knows what she is doing. Whether exploring musicians, asking direct questions, she has brought our music world closer to the audience in a more vivid and clear way than it is usual. It’s no wonder that her TV show “Together to the Stars” was such a hit for a long time. We were all part of it. Some live performances from the Gavella theater back than and still today are among most viewed videos of  Neno Belan & Fiumens on YouTube. I was delighted to compose the soundtrack for her documentary series African Diary. Petka threw a challenge: a 120 minutes of music in only three months. Opening all the musical pores that we had – we succeeded. The effort  of African Diary was awarded the following year with prestigious Porin award for the best music album for theater, film and TV. Hardworking and  committed  professional  and associate, Petka thrived in any occasion. With ideas and motivation of her associates and colleagues, she is a master in creating projects from the scratch.


Ivana Šimunić, make pu & hair designe HRT

Ivana Šimunić, make up & hair designer HRT

We were colleagues up until recently. Petka is capable, independent person with high communication skills. She masters all demanding business challenges. During our joint projects, Petka has made a remarkable contribution to work of hosts, presenting, creating scripts, raising the standards of music festivals and TV content. She radiates a positive and cheerful energy. She is very polite and kind. Although I am sad that we are not working together any more, I can recommend her as a great business partner. I am pleased to hear of any new success she might have. Petka is a team player, pleasant and helpful, a true friend. It is a wonder how easily she manages everyday tasks and everything she touches turns to gold. You can always rely on. Dear, I miss you, we miss you all!





Tanja Pacek, novinarka 24h

Tanja Pacek, journalist (24sata)

There is no celebrity in Croatia that upon meeting me says: “Do you remember my first interview? I needed it back then, and you helped me. I will never forget it.” Petka said that to me the first time, second time we met, third time also… I thought to myself, OK, she’ll get over it. Twenty years later, Petka is still thanking me. I highly appreciate modesty as a trait, as is this memory of the first time, when one needed a boost. I deliberately avoid saying “gratitude”, being too strong a word. Petka would surface without that interview, mostly thanks to her quality and different approach to work. I cannot remember how I ended up in Gavella theater back in that time. I cannot recall who took me for, then a radio show, Together to the Stars. I remember I was thrilled with alteration of music and very spontaneous and pleasant conversation with the guest. I also remember that, despite the trends, Petka chose only quality guests. Always only the best. I remember Oliver, Vanna, Parni valjak, Josipa Lisac… her conversations from which I have learned a lot. Unobtrusive and extremely interesting. After the first show, I have not missed a single one. I wholeheartedly pleaded that it moves from radio to TV. I still claim today that this show was so good that it had to happen. Then Petka suddenly disappeared, she went to Kenya. From journalistic circles I learned that she had a personal tragedy and a loss, and ran to the other end of the world. We heard each other, met when she came to Zagreb, and she never spoke of troubles. Another delight about her. Admiration. A self-effacing, brave young woman who does not speak about her problems, I suppose because she does not want to burden people. During one of her visits to Zagreb, I visited her at her apartment. We did a story about her and I remember the feeling of comfort in Petka’s home. It was the first time I thought we were more than a colleagues. Even then she did not speak about herself. Instead of weeping over coffee, she was willing to help others. This can be clearly seen from her later stories from Kenya. I was really proud watching them. During the last ten years or so I met Petka only occasionally. But these rare meetings were full of warmth, affection. And today, wherever she may be, I know that she works devotedly and with a lot of love. It is not in her nature to be otherwise. And she loves to solve things on her own, as well, no matter how hard. I know that our next meeting, even if it happens in ten years from now, will be intimate, warm, as if we had parted yesterday. We met as co-workers – today I believe, we are more than that. Because, Petka cannot act otherwise.



Renata Debeljak, journalist and RDcode bag designer

Petka is a great proffesional. Exceptionally responsible and diligent in her work. I appreciate her as a colleague immensely. Her positive energy and joy of life are simply contagious. So much so that she can transfer it even if she is more than six thousand kilometers away. I enjoy watching her excellent TV travelogues and documentary series and I’m very sorry that I can’t watch more of her work on Croatian TV programs. But I know she is infinitely happy at the far shores of the Indian Ocean, living her dream.








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