Hi ! My name is Petka

Thank you for being curious 😉 Let me take you to the magical world of Africa. I know, you want to experience everything I live and breathe every day. White sandy beaches, crystal clear Indian Ocean, amazing wildlife and Real African safari

Kenya ? Zanzibar ? Tanzania ? Let’s go 🙂

TRAVEL AFRICA ? Great ! But first, ask someone who lives here. Who knows most important things. And trust me, the journey of your life can start!

TRAVEL CONSULTING ? For sure you have millions questions, dilemmas, fears about travelling Africa. Don’t worry. Ask me. I’ll be more than happy to share my experience with you.

LET’S ORGANIZE YOUR TRIP TO AFRICA Don’t end up on a non-existent accommodation or pay your safari to some agency with beautiful web site that actually doesn’t exist. I can be very helpful with recommendations and organizing your trips to Africa.

Best travel offers for you starts here

Experience Magical Africa !


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