Hi ! My name is Petka

Nice to meet you. I Know, You Want To travel, explore and feel Magic of Africa. From Kilimanjaro to White Sandy Beaches, Crystal Clear Indian Ocean, Amazing Wildlife And Real African Safari .

Let’s talk and take you to live the Magic

Kenya ? Zanzibar ? Tanzania ? Let’s go 🙂

TRAVEL AFRICA ? Great ! But first, ask someone who lives here. Who knows most important things. Trust me, google does not know everything !

TRAVEL CONSULTING ? For sure you have millions questions, dilemmas, fears about travelling Africa. Don’t worry. Ask me. I’ll be more than happy to share my experience with you. I am happy to be your Personal Travel consultant

LET’S ORGANIZE YOUR TRIP TO AFRICA Don’t end up on a non-existent accommodation or pay your safari to some agency with beautiful web site that actually doesn’t exist. I can be very helpful with recommendations and organizing your trips to Africa.

I will always have the Best travel offers for you !

Experience Magical Africa !


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