For Africa with ♥

How big and missed expectations do we often have?

How often we frantically run for the goals and achievements? Those ones we would quickly give up in a moment of candor at the end of our lives if someone asked:

“Have you lived your life as you should have?”

The world of kindness and patience – Africa, reminds us every time…


I believe that the art of giving is perfected through anonymity.

It will be hard to change that belief. I’ll try. I will try at least to adapt. Is worth it. I might not succeed or I might. For the sake of my time spent in Africa, for the sake of all I have experienced, lived through, seen. Too much.  Far too much. Even for those who believe that nothing, but nothing can touch them, shake them. I‘ll try not to keep quiet any longer.

On behalf of all the lives which I quietly, without bang, alone, away from the raised public eye, kept alive, bringing back to life. No matter that I didn’t even know their names. Health, self-confidence, safer future was worth it. And each new smile is worth even more. Although I still stand by my belief that human’s destiny – regardless of the part of the world, often on the verge of logic and understanding, dignity and endurance of common sense – is not a story for the covers of magazines, something to be read just to shorten the time.

P. S. Before I continue, I would like to thank everyone who have not given up talking, with persistent persuasion, requests, sometimes I even wanted to end the communication. To all of you who have not stop repeating: “Come on Petka, you can not do everything all alone anymore. You are doing it alone for too long. Let us help you. Include us in their stories, in their lives … “

Stubborn as I am, I’ll try.
No, I’m not selfish. Simply, I’ve seen enough of exploitation of the poverty, of those innocent people, never in honest and noble purposes. As if with silence I’m trying to protect even more those already weak, alone, abandoned, helpless. Is it not enough that they have to wake up each new dawn with uncertainty, with an empty plate?  No hard feelings!


But we can do at least something to make it more beautiful, safer and happier.


Africa is rich. It has always been rich.
At the same time it is poor, sick, hungry and miserable.
Unfortunately, it will remain so.

Long ago I stopped dreaming that I could and would change the world.
But just one meal, one school bench, one cure, one scholarships, a pair of shoes – is already a lot.

World is full of good people. Still. And it’s nice to be a part of the world in which we can give, help,  show our humanity and save lives.
On this occasion, I Thank you all!
Thank you for everything you have done so far. Thanks to all of you who helped in a silent, anonymous way making someone’s life safer and happier.
The best way to make yourself happy is to bring joy to someone else.


Every day I face new problems, motives, needs, goals. I’m not dedicated to a single project.
Too many are in need. By heart i believe everyone deserves the same opportunity, don’t they?
I work, try and fight only in direct approach. As much as i can by myself, and with the help of Croatian and international organizations and foundations. And especially with the help of dear people, friends, individuals…

Thank you all for everything to date and from now on!


Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

Mother Teresa

We can’t change the world.

But we can do at least something to make it more beautiful, safer and happier.