Kenya-not so far or dangerous

I’d love it so much if we could stop thinking that something that we haven’t lived through is something

far away, out of reach, impossible.


The trip to Kenya is:

  • possible, manageable, safe, unforgettable

You deserve the chance to assure yourself that this is true and one day say: „I’d regret if I hadn’t done it…“

Also, your stars have aligned, it seems.

When I first went there, I had nobody to call „mine“. You do.

Ask me anything regarding visiting Kenya. As I always have, I’ll answer any questions. I’ll sincerely state my opinion based on the several years of experience here. For your pleasure and safety I will not withhold any Kenya’s perks or flaws. I can help create your vision of visiting a place of beautiful contrasts and kind people with warm smiles on their faces, I can advise you, help you organize.



We can meet in person, put our feet in the warm sand and have a toast to world peace over a cold Tusker 🙂 . Or we could perhaps just watch the sunset in silence, more beautiful than any films or stories.



During my long years of arrivals and departures traveling the east Africa, finally I know everything one can learn about life in Diani Beach, the south coast of Mombasa. Everything regarding the unnecessary mental preparations, the trip, the places to live, safety in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Kenya is neither as black, as far, nor as out-of-reach as we thought

Before you start, you should know these facts:

  • Kenya is 13 times larger than Croatia! There is no way that you will see, feel and take in everything on your first visit, regardless of whether you’re traveling for tourism, volunteering or work.
  • Kenya is a country of contrast. The cradle of humanity with over 40 different tribes.
  • Kenya is the most popular safari destination in the world. The rich flora and fauna on one side, a heaven for lovers of the maritime wonders on the other. Those who wish to kitesurf, parachute, dive, yacht, ride, golf, climb or whatever else will enjoy it here. „Crocodile holiday“ lovers can get some rest and relaxation here too.
  • Kenya is by and large exactly as somebody with a Croatian mentality may enjoy. It is also often far ahead of our small, developed, EU member country.
  • Kenya is a land of good people, with gentle and tranquil demeanors of varying religions which respect each other and live in peace.
  • It is a country of untold luxury and riches right next to the poverty which no TV can help you imagine.
  • Kenya is a land of content people who live the pole pole – slowly, slowly life, truly a „Hakuna Matata“ mentality.
  • Kenya is a land of kindness and patience with sunshine for over 300 days a year.
  • Kenya is safe! Sadly, it’s safer here then it is on the „other“ side of the world. There is nothing weird or special going on here, don’t let the headlines along the lines of „Terrorist attack at prestige resort in Diani Beach“ fool you, as you could have seen in a last year’s January newspaper. If I could have, I’d have given somebody hell over that false and unchecked information. While the alleged „terrorists“ terrorized heaven, I was there in peace, quiet, and safe, sipping the first morning coffee by the palmtrees and the murmur of the ocean. The only thing that broke the idyllic murmur was the sound of some monkeys playing in the garden as I waited for 12 dear Croatian friends to arrive, never to be forgotten at Diani Beach.
  • Kenya is a world in which you fall in love at first sight, or you forget it exists altogether.