From Luxembourg with Love

email 28.lipnja 2015. u 10:30

“So Sad.  It’s hard to watch those photos. Like we were there. Thank you for your report and pictures. Now we know how the things are really. Tiwi primary schooling conditions encouraged many people to provide support and help. You have to continue with your activities and projects. The meeting of the Board will be on 4th july  when I will present to others through your photographs and prove the project Chai and Tiwi primary schools.”


email 15th July 2015 at 10:56

“Chai School  will get school desks from Luxembourg. Imagine! It’s true. Thank you”

I read with disbelief. Over and over again I listen to myself reading it aloud something I have been silently but strongly hoping for. Oh God, I know you can be funny but this time you do not joke, right? 352 kids do not deserve it. They are important to people, to me. Every single one. I know every face, name every glance of full uncertainty, fear and sorrow.


Those who realized that Helping others is not only good for them and a good thing to do, it also makes us happier and healthier too. Not because of your ego, glory or picture in the newspapers, or even worse motives. These are the people who might have never visited Kenya. People who do not care about it either. People who just want to help without anything in return. These people are from Kenya more than 6,500km away from small village. From school, with damp floors where students sit in the wet floor every day. Those people invest their time, effort, engagement, money to make at least one step to the better without pomp. For those who need it most. No 6.500 km distance from a small school can’t stop them.



Each and every project is team work that requires perseverance, dedication and credibility to achieve the goal. Above all, a trusted person and confidence that every cent or euro of donations will end up where it should.  1: 1 There was no doubt in the team that gathered around the help and donation for making the school benches. Even more, with one donation we helped and supported two places. Could you be happier!

56 school benches were sponsored  by KENIA FREEN LETZEBUERB  and the chairman Mr. Jeannot Scheidt.


NGO from Luxembourg is working on the basis of voluntary employees. The goal is to give children and young people in need a sustainable future and a better life. With commitment, they want to contribute to an improvement in the prospects of the needy children and young people. A person of trust and contact in Kenya is the Luxembourg doctor, Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stan Kinsch.  Projects can be found in Africa at every corner. A trustworthy contact person is most important. To assure and confirm that the money of donors and patrons will surely arrive at what they are destined for.Thus we joint forces on the Diani Beach-Luxembourg route. And with one donation we helped  two projects. The order for making 56 school benches was given to the Diani Children’s Village and their excellent carpenter Ishmael. For me personally, this was a very special decision since I was filming Diani Children’s Village for Television and “African Diary by Petka” and I know the value and credibility of the project.

One donation helped:

  • Diani children’s Village; providing orphans, neglected and abandoned children with a home. The home caters for basic needs; health care, education, recreation, skill building opportunities etc. This is to give the children hope and provide a foundation for a future independent life.
  • Chai Primary school and 56 school desks


They just want to learn and acquire new knowledge, skills and thus try to secure in that way safer and happier future. From now on they will do it in a way that every child deserves. Sitting at a school desk. Not on a floor anymore. Never again.

I would like to thank:

  • The chairmen of Kenia Freen Letzebuerb Mr. Jeannot Scheidt  .
  • to all members of Kenia Freen Letzebuerb and people who helped
  • Dr. Stan Kinsch
  • To Ishmaelu for making school desks

So little is needed for happiness and dignity. The smile is back to Chai primary school.