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Ivan Vuković, Martina Krmek, Irma Bašić, velečasni Peter, Josipa Galić i ta famozna Diani Beach Nova Godina



Thank you Petka ❤ It was like a movie. I had doubts but they disappeared when she came with wide arms open and a great smile. I’ve never seen her before „live“ in person, for me She was a TV presenter, the face from TV screen. We were volunteers in a small village in the western part of Kenya. We had a crazy idea to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mombasa! But how to get there, where to stay, where to sleep? Who do we know there Yes, wait, there’s a TV presenter, journalist from Croatia, the one who made many reports, documentaries about Kenya. She lives there. My friends thought I was crazy.I went on Facebook, search: Petka Coner and write her who I am and what is on my mind! I did’n take long to get reply:  of course I can help you! When you are so far away from home, someone from the beginning of the story becomes close to you! After a couple of messages, we were in matatu on the way to Mombasa! After long and exhausting journey she was waiting. Yes, that TV Petka with a big smile and hug for each one of us. She has found as accomoddation at her friends house. As a volunteers our budget was pretty tight and she knew that. It was in the midlle of the nights when we arrived and i didn’t know where we are at all. Morning  brings shock: Beautifully African-furnished house with huge terrace! Oh my God, we were first row by the beach. Yes, that famous Diani beach. I could not believe it, It was unreal! The woman from TV screen and today a life time friend Petka has been with us for those few days! She realy did everything for us to make us feel at home. Even on New Year’s Eve, she came with a bottle of champagne and glasses to our house and we went down to the beach watching fireworks and toasted to new friendship. I can certainly say, if you have a wish  to go to Kenya, or you are in Kenya and want to see Africa in its full splendor, I know who can make that possible. My friend Petka Coner! Do not be afraid to live your dreams! It takes so little, and in return you’ll get much more. JOSIPA GALIĆ, Croatia 



Petka is the best guide and host when Africa is concerned. Especially in Kenya where she lives. On each of our questions and we have had millions she patiently explained, answered giving us tips and recommendations where to go, what to see. The accommodation she recommended and arrange was super wonderful. I enjoyed every single minute in Vulcano with a big swimming pool  overlooking the African sky. It was a special experience at night to observe all those stars during hot season ( In Croatia it was snowing ). We went on a 4 days 3 night safari to Amboseli, Tsavo West and Tsavo East National park with Dream Kenya safaris.What an experience, wow! Unforgettable days spend in stunning nature, landscapes and rich wildlife. Ali-our safari driver and guide was  amazing with his knowledge and optimism. During two weeks full of emotions, new acquaintances, my view on life in general has changed. I saw way of living so different from our Western style. Now i can really say everyone should experience and see that piece of paradise. Because Africa is a heaven on earth, with beautiful ocean, nature and smilling optimistic people. Just like Petka, living her her dream under the African sky.VINKO PAIĆ (Croatia)  dec2016 – jan2017 / Private accommodation, Vulcano  Zuri cottages, Safari: 4 days/ 3 nights Amboseli , Tsavo West, Tsavo East, Accommodation : Kibo camp, Ngulia lodge, Epiya Chapeyu Camp



I always prefer to travel in my own arrangement than with an agency and Petka  Coner was more than a precious “insider” for Kenya. Let’s be honest; for such a exotic destination, different culture, habits and ways of life, it is always better to have someone who literally knows each corner. And Petka realy knows like she was born there. My  impressions are endless; The accommodation that she found us during the peak season in Diani beach Vulcano, was the top of the tops. Quiet, safe, with a beautiful garden and pool. As the property is guarded by Masai people, I had a chance to get spend more time and realy know the culture and way of livins of Maasai Tribe, proud but very heartfelt and communicative. The Galu beach is out of this world! Hard to describe, white sand turquoise sea more beautiful then any postcard. Seafood restaurant which Petka recommended simply perfect! I will never forget when she brought us on our first night in Diani to Kokkos restaurant. I’ve tried for the first time Tusker-Kenyan beer and delicious BBQ Chicken tikka . I was over the Moon. The hgihighlight of the trip was safari ! We’ve been in Amboseli, Tsavo West&East national parks for a few days  and I’m only regreting I did’t stay longer! Perfectly organized, unimaginably beautiful nature, wildlife. I’ve traveled a lot around the world, but I have never seen such untouched and diverse nature. Lodges and Accommodation- great with all meals included in the price. And our safari guide and driver Ali excellent. I would never forgive myself if i didn’t go on safari in Kenya. When you see and experience wildlife so close to you, you will never go to any Zoo again. I could write my expressions until tommorow. Kenya, the real Africa has fulfilled my expectations.Even more. But I’m telling you, it’s always good to have someone who can help you with advice and experience, someone who knows every corner, house, and much more to make your Africa stay more beautiful. Petka Coner definitely deserves most of the credit as I’m gonna  remember my trip to Kenya till the end of my life. Asante sana Petka. DAMIR LELJAK ( Croatia)  dec 2016 –jan 2017 / Private accommodation, Vulcano  Zuri cottages, Safari -4 days/ 3 nights Amboseli , Tsavo West, Tsavo East, Accommodation: Kibo camp, Ngulia lodge, Epiya Chapeyu Camp


Hi Petka. Do you remember me? I found you on Google”. E-mail from september 2017. and so we meet again after 15 years. On 28th dec i was very exited to meet my lost friend again with group of 13 guests from Zagreb. 6 adults and 7 kids. We spend 3 days on a safari in Tsavo East , Ngulia Lodge. New Years eve we celebrated in Diani Beach and after 12 beautiful days spend in Jacaranda Indian Ocean Hotel we will never lose contact again. My new friend, Nicola 2 years was my favorite crew member. It was amazing too see him exited about seeing elephants, lions, monkey jumping around him. I believe he will never forget his african friends, same age but with a different life.


There’s more stories. But for now let’s stop here. I look forward to new friendships made here in Kenya, Tanzania or Zanzibar. Africa is magical. You should visit.

To be continued….

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